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Redesign of the CDO Reporting Portal 

As nbn transitions to our new operating model, the complexity and amount of data we use across nbn will continue to increase. An important part of the nbn Data Strategy is to provide self-service reporting that is automated, efficient and secure, with insights based on a single, trusted and reconciled source of truth.


The goal...

  • The goal of the CDO reporting portal is to provide:

    • an easy way of access data and reports

    • validation of the quality, consistency and authenticity of reports

My Role...

My role in this engagement was to conduct research and to redesign the new CDO Reporting Portal experience



A survey was sent out to 1600 users across nbn and 550 users responded. From our findings, only 7% of users utilised the existing portal to access reports, the rest of them used email, confluence or manually searched tableau each time 

Users found the current access method segregated and described it as a mine field to navigate.

Users hoped to see a centralised location for all nbn'ers to access reports and to be able to easily search for relevant ones to their business units.

Users wanted to be able to save their most frequently accessed reports and to be shown recommended content based on their profiles.


surveyed users


use reports weekly or daily


users didn't use the portal for reports

In order to create a portal that the other 93% of users would access, a prioritisation of capabilities that the portal would have were defined as follows:

Main capabilities of the portal

Easy to read

Ability to search based on name, type, description, owner and other metadata.

Ability to Promote Content

Promote new content and most popular content

Report Categorisation

Reports can be tagged and categorised by business use

Recommend Content

Recommend content based on user profile and history

User Customisation

Allows users to favourite reports

Consistent UI

Consistent UI with the rest of nbn portals



The following suggestions were made to cater best to the requirements and needs:


Design System

Align styles, font, branding, logos, icons and colours with nbn branding that can be found in our design system. This also creates a portal that is in line with accessibility standards (mostly AA)


User goals

Building the portal around the main goals of the user which were identified as 

  1. Search and view reports

  2. Save reports as favourites


User roles

Creating a personalised experience for each user depending on their business unit and role



Understanding the language of the users by displaying things that are written in a way that will be useful to them. 



Cohesive experience

 A one stop place for all things reports instead of redirecting users to other sources




The new CDO reporting portal allowed users to easily locate their frequently accessed reports, gives users  greater control over the content that they see and creates consistency with other internal nbn portals

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